CSS 레이아웃을 배웁시다

CSS 레이아웃에 관해 설명한 사이트를 발견하였다.
특히, flexbox 부분!


<sub>, <sup>를 위한 CSS

윗첨자, 아랫 첨자를 위한 CSS

sub, sup {
  /* Specified in % so that the sup/sup is the
     right size relative to the surrounding text */
  font-size: 75%;
  /* Zero out the line-height so that it doesn't
     interfere with the positioning that follows */
  line-height: 0;
  /* Where the magic happens: makes all browsers position
     the sup/sup properly, relative to the surrounding text */
  position: relative;
  /* Note that if you're using Eric Meyer's reset.css, this
     is already set and you can remove this rule */
  vertical-align: baseline;
sup {
  /* Move the superscripted text up */
  top: -0.5em;
sub {
  /* Move the subscripted text down, but only
     half as far down as the superscript moved up */
  bottom: -0.25em;

출처 : https://gist.github.com/unruthless/413930


사이드바의 프로퍼티 목록 중 뒤에 별표(*)가 붙은 것은 CSS 3의 내용이 반영되지 않은 것입니다.

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